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Planning a Tour is Hard Work!

Wow! Who knew planning a tour was this hard. I mean being an artist is cool right? Groupies, adoring fans, being the center of attention. Yeah right! How about endless emails, contacting venues, design,order and purchase merch, Arrange lodging and a travel route all while staying within your budget. After all this is a buisness adventure here. Now I’m sure if your Brad Paisley or Metallica it’s all arranged and you can be as involved as you want to be. But as an independent artist it’s all on you. Creating music is only one small aspect of what we do. Seriously it’s work, and to be successful at anything you must put forth effort. The more effort, the more results. That’s just how this thing works. For years I thought. How did they get that gig? I’m going to tell you how. WORK! Hard work! Long days of beating the bush high and low. I’ve found the secret to success here. You send press packs to 50 venues and get 5 reply’s . But those five are magical. There is a certain satisfaction in knowing “ you did that”. It’s similar to any task you work at,then see it come to completion. Like building a house. Been there done that. Now you sit back look at your work. In this case it’s a tour schedule where and when you will be. Now the second phase of the equatio. Prepare for the gig. I mean after all you don’t want to suck. So you write more songs record more demos send more press packs. No rest for the wicked! Keep at it the rewards are worth it!

Peace love & puppies


Big D

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