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Part time musician @ 50 hrs a week?

It's such an exciting time. I'm playing more, writing more and having more fun than I have in the past 25 years of playing music. I've dreamt of being a full time musician since I was 13. With one trip to Rupp Arena I was hooked. Now I'm old, fat and bald and I'm closer to being full time than ever. Here's the deal. I acquired a job that I like fairly well. Thirty hours a week. Weekends off, summers off. The pay is "egh" but I've always lived on whatever I earned so it’s all good. Now I have time to write and record and tour. So here's where the title comes in. I'm a part time musician who is spending 50 hours a week trying to do this crazy thing called "music".

Between writing daily, recording weekly, gigging weekly and promoting, managing 6 social media accounts and booking daily I'm in 50 hours a week. Now I'm not complaining. Dont here me wrong. But being an independent it all falls on me. Again not complaining just stating the obvious. So the next time you purchase an Album,CD, T-shirt, coozie or whatever merchandise some independent artist is pushing after their show. Please understand it's not just that 45 minute set you just heard them play. It’s not the unlimited Spotify etc streaming you can hear from them. It’s that part time 50 hrs a week you’re helping to pay for.

A true labor of love I guess.

Peace love and puppies

Big D

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