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Grateful for Ed’s BBQ

February 22 was a nice wet evening. I made my way to Barbourville Kentucky with much excitement to play at a new venue for me. Grateful Ed’s BBQ. I arrived at 5:30 to a good sized crowd, including several couples enjoying their supper severnal others gathered around the bar with adult beverages. I spoke briefly with Ed himself then proceeded to set up my gear and merchandise table. I made my way over to the bar and introduced my to the bar tender,a great guy. After a short conversation of Harley Davidson’s and the riding such beasts I ordered a coke and began my 1st set. The crowd was quiet not really sure of what to make of this huge bearded man singing and playing songs for them but quickly came round. After a few songs I saw my first familiar face when my old friend Brian Mills walks in with his little cousin Big Daddy. Now I’m a large man but these two look dudes cast a huge shadow and look like they could hurt a person if the occasion were to arise. I finished my first set and spoke with Brian and Big Daddy then found that the bar tender was the third cousin. Seriously we got a front line for the NFL here. The boys were just finishing up their food ‘‘Huge Hamburgers with killer fries’’ and washing it down with their choice of adult beverages. Well time to hit the stage again, more songs and as the time passed by several folks spoke and fed the Tip jar as they left for the evening. What a great night at a great venue. If you’re in the area do yourself a favor and check out Grateful Ed’s BBQ in Barbourville. Tell them Big D sent ya

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